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How to get over $300 in dentistry for about $20

Cassie Minor started this conversation

How to over $300 in dentistry for about $20 bucks


           When you are going to the dentist for treatment, some of the upfront cost can be avoided by using alternatives.

In order for you to receive the care you need, you will have to have x-rays.

  • A single x-ray runs about $20,
  • a set of bitewings (4 molar view) about $55,
  • a full mouth x-ray about $160 and
  • a panoramic x-ray $150.

A dental exam is about $65, but some office have a visit fee of about $150 that covers the exam. If your gums are very healthy, a cleaning will cost about $60. However, if you require periodontal treatment, the cost is significantly higher, at about $1300 for full treatment. A dentist office charges roughly $20 for fluoride treatment. All of these services are available at dental hygiene schools and unlike dental schools, they are plentiful. You can expect to pay about $20, which covers any of the above treatments. Plus, other services are likely available. You can go to the education page of the American Dental Hygienist Association and find a list of schools around the country. Many of the schools may house other programs in which provide other dental treatment.

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